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Take a Ride on the Wild Side!

As Lou Reed once sang, “Take a walk on the Wild Side!” 

If you’re into wild activities, then you need to check out a WildThing Jet Boat Tour! This 1200 horsepower boat cruises along an 11-mile stretch of the Wisconsin River, traveling at high speeds and performing unbelievable maneuvers! Cruise by Sunset Cliff & Witches Gulch before performing power stops, 360 degree spins, and experiencing splashes of liquid sunshine! Hang on for the wildest ride of your life when you take a WildThing Jet Boat Tour in Wisconsin Dells!

Cruise the Wisconsin River

Dells Army Ducks is a guided tour that takes you up, down, and all around Wisconsin Dells. The amphibious vehicle cruises through the beautiful Dells landscape, Lake Delton, and of course the Wisconsin River! The river is known for its towering sandstone cliffs and breathtaking views. Learn about the prehistoric era, history of the Dells, and see famous rock formations such as Grotto Island, the Twin Ink Stands, Sugar Bowl, and Lone Rock. The Wisconsin River is full of rich history and amazing sights to see! Experience cruising down the Wisconsin River on your next Dells Army Duck Tour. Get your tickets today!

A Day With Us!

Dells Army Ducks is more than just a land and water tour. At the company, there are 3 great attractions for you and your family to enjoy. Our Epic Mix 3 package includes a Dells Army Duck Tour, Bigfoot Zipline Tour, and a WildThing Jet Boat Tour. Each tour is a fun and unique experience in itself, so why not spend the day trying them all! Here’s a little more information about each attraction.

Dells Army Duck Tours take place on world famous amphibious vehicles from WWII. Experience splashing between Lake Delton, the beautiful Dells landscape, and the Wisconsin River. Duck Tours are approximately 1 hour long and depart every 15-20 minutes at the Duck Dock!

A Bigfoot Zipline Tour is 2 1/2 hours of thrill-seeking fun. Nature lovers will enjoy zipping between 7 different towers and even racing on the last 2 zip lines. With over 6,000 feet of “on-line” fun, this family activity is open year round!

Explore 11 miles of the Upper Wisconsin River in a WildThing Jet Boat! These boats have a shallow bottom and cruise along the river at high speeds. Experience power stops and 360 degree spins while water splashing over the front of the boat cools you off!

All in all, you’re sure to experience a great time at our three attractions when you spend the day with us. We’ll see you soon!

Unleash Your Wildside!

It’s time to step outside your comfort zone and unleash your wildside! WildThing Jet Boat Tours offer safe, family-friendly fun aboard a shallow-bottomed jet boat! Take a ride up and down the Wisconsin River and experience the thrill of power stops, 360 degree spins, and a wave of water pouring over you! Get cooled off on a hot day and have fun doing it! If you’re not a fan of fast, wet, and wild activities, it’s time to escape that comfort box and try a WildThing Jetboat Tour today!

Lake Delton Facts!

If you have ever been on a Dells Army Duck Tour, then chances are that the beauty of Lake Delton has caught your eye! Located in the Village of Lake Delton lies a 267 acre lake, appropriately named Lake Delton, where visitors to Wisconsin Dells can enjoy a boat tour, spend time at the beach, go fishing, take advantage of watersport rentals, and much more. Lake Delton is a manmade lake formed in 1927 to attract tourists to Wisconsin Dells during the Great Depression. This lake is a focal point on a Dells Army Duck tour, as the amphibious vehicle cruises from land into Lake Delton, and then back on land again! The lake is home to a few Wisconsin Dells attractions and many different type of fish!

Experience Lake Delton on your next Wisconsin Dells vacation with a Dells Army Duck Tour!

The Wisconsin River

Did you know that the Wisconsin River was used for logging back in the 1800’s to transport logs between sawmills? This river, which features tours such as WildThing Jet Boats and Dells Army Ducks has a deep history along the 430 miles between the Northeast Wisconsin/Michigan Border down to where it meets the Mississippi River.

The sandstone cliffs located along the river in the Dells area were formed during the last ice age and have been bringing visitors to the area to see their natural beauty.

Experience an amazing boat tour on the Wisconsin River when you get your tickets today for a WildThing Jet Boat or Dells Army Duck Tour on your next visit to Wisconsin Dells!

A Day in the Life of a Duck!

As you know, Dells Army Ducks are amphibious boats, meaning they can travel on both land and water. These Ducks have been giving tours to Wisconsin Dells visitors for over 70 years! What’s a day like in the life of a Duck?

In the morning, each vehicle is inspected for safety to make sure guests have a safe and fun experience. After the vehicle inspection, the Ducks are lined up and excited to give tours! Depending on the season, each Duck could take close to a dozen different tour groups per day around the waters of Lake Delton, the Wisconsin River, and the natural Dells scenery. From land to water, back and forth day after day, these Ducks are built strong! At the end of a days work, a Dells Army Duck again inspected, and then let to rest until dawn. The next day, the routine continues!

Experience your own fun and get your tickets today for a Dells Army Duck Ride!

Track a Tour LIVE!

You can now live track your WildThing Jet Boat Tour or Bigfoot Zipline Tour! See where tours are at any given moment! Whether looking to see if there’s a tour on Line 6 of the Bigfoot Zipline, or seeing how far upstream one of the 3 WildThing boats are, you now can, by clicking the links below! 

Wildthing Jet Boats:

Bigfoot Zipline Tours:

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360 degrees of Spin on a WildThing Jet Boat Tour!

Wisconsin Dells’ most popular Jet Boat Tour is all about fun! Gather your friends and hang on as you experience a WildThing Jet Boat Ride! Be prepared to get soaked and cool off in the hot summer sun. This 1,200 horsepower jet boat will take you beneath the towering cliffs of the Upper Wisconsin River, passing the famous Sunset Cliff & Witches Gulch. My favorite part of the tour is when the boat suddenly comes to an abrupt stop, causing it to spin 360 degrees and a big wave to come overboard, cooling off everyone!

Besides getting splashed, you’ll learn about the past history on the Dells and the rock formations along the Wisconsin River. With all of the excitement and fun to be had on a WildThing Jet Boat ride, be sure to give it a spin this summer on your next visit to Wisconsin Dells.

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