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A Day in the Life of a Duck!

As you know, Dells Army Ducks are amphibious boats, meaning they can travel on both land and water. These Ducks have been giving tours to Wisconsin Dells visitors for over 70 years! What’s a day like in the life of a Duck?

In the morning, each vehicle is inspected for safety to make sure guests have a safe and fun experience. After the vehicle inspection, the Ducks are lined up and excited to give tours! Depending on the season, each Duck could take close to a dozen different tour groups per day around the waters of Lake Delton, the Wisconsin River, and the natural Dells scenery. From land to water, back and forth day after day, these Ducks are built strong! At the end of a days work, a Dells Army Duck again inspected, and then let to rest until dawn. The next day, the routine continues!

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