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Half Land, Half Water, All Adventure!

The best boat tour in Wisconsin Dells is aboard a Dells Army Duck! This ride is an adventure of a lifetime and takes place on an amphibious vehicle! Learn about the history of Wisconsin Dells as you travel on both land and water during this unique tour.

1/2 Land

Gaze among natural scenery unique to the Dells. Cruise between sandstone cliffs and see indigenous plants to the area, including the Fragrant Fern. Most tours enjoy a bonus of seeing live animals such as deer, fox, or even an actual duck!

1/2 Water

As you’re traveling across Lake Delton or down the Wisconsin River, see breathtaking rock formations, such as the Sugar Bowl, Grotto Island, and hear about the lost city of Newport. There is so much to learn and explore on a Dells Army Duck Tour.

All Adventure

“Water” you waiting for? Book your Dells Army Duck Tour and experience the adventure Today!

WildThing Jet Boats are faster than these things…

We all know that a WildThing Jet Boat is fast, but how fast? To put things into perspective, let’s just say the 1,200 H.P. boat ride is faster than….

•Any other tour boat in the Dells.

•Your swatting hand when you find a June bug on your arm.

•A duck racing towards you when it sees you have bread.

•A go-kart ride.

•A speeding bullet (just kidding!)

•You can get your tickets for an adventure to remember in the Dells!


A WildThing Jet Boat Ride is great for all ages. Make your reservations today!

Who do you go on your Duck ride with?

When booking your Dells Army Duck tour, you might have a few questions. Is this a tour for families? Would a school or church group have fun on a tour? The answer to both of those questions is YES! The Army Ducks are a family-friendly boat tour for all ages. Learn about the history of the Dells area as well as enjoy some unique scenery of the lower Wisconsin River and Lake Delton. This tour takes place on both land and water and can be enjoyed by both children and adults a like. Get your tickets today!

What does 1,200 Horsepower Feel Like?

Get ready to experience a boat ride at full throttle. The WildThing Jet Boats are the perfect thrill for both kids and adults! This tour takes you on the Upper Wisconsin River, and cruises past famous landmarks such as Witches Gulch and Glacier Park on the Wisconsin River. To answer the question in the title, What does 1,200 horsepower feel like? It feels exhilarating and refreshing. The hot summer sun on your face with the mist of the river cooling you off is an experience like no other. With 360 degree spins and power stops, our captains make sure everyone has a safe and fun experience. You’ll have to try this fun and exciting 1-hour tour for yourself. Book yours today!

360 degrees of Spin on a WildThing Jet Boat Tour!

Wisconsin Dells’ most popular Jet Boat Tour is all about fun! Gather your friends and hang on as you experience a WildThing Jet Boat Ride! Be prepared to get soaked and cool off in the hot summer sun. This 1,200 horsepower jet boat will take you beneath the towering cliffs of the Upper Wisconsin River, passing the famous Sunset Cliff & Witches Gulch. My favorite part of the tour is when the boat suddenly comes to an abrupt stop, causing it to spin 360 degrees and a big wave to come overboard, cooling off everyone!

Besides getting splashed, you’ll learn about the past history on the Dells and the rock formations along the Wisconsin River. With all of the excitement and fun to be had on a WildThing Jet Boat ride, be sure to give it a spin this summer on your next visit to Wisconsin Dells.

Spotlight on: Duck Driver Zach Olsen

This weeks blog is a spotlight on our very own Duck Driver, Zach Olsen. Zach has been working as a driver and tour guide since the Fall season of 2015, and has been with the company since 2013. His main focus is engineering tech, which consists of IT, networking, and electrical work. Zach is originally from Stevens Point, Wisconsin and gained interest of the Ducks at a young age. Zach’s older brother used be a driver for the Ducks, and as a kid, Zach would ride along on his older brother’s Duck Tours. Zach is an avid fan of all different vehicles, so being able to drive a 1940’s Dells Army Duck for work is an awesome experience for him. You might have Zach as a driver the next time you visit Dells Army Ducks. Plan your Duck tour today!

Dells Army Ducks are a Family-Owned Business

In 1946, a gentleman named Melvin Flath first brought the Ducks to Wisconsin Dells. He offered quality tours on both land and water to families visiting the area. 71 years and a few generations later, the Field Family continues to offer those quality tours to the next generations. Owner and Operator, Jason Field along with 7 other family members enjoy being able to work alongside each other to help other families create beautiful Wisconsin Dells memories.

Field’s family has been in the boat business since 1894! His great-grandfather, F.A. Field owned 2 paddle wheel boats, and offered tours on the Upper Wisconsin River. On your next Wisconsin Dells vacation, be sure to hop aboard a Dells Army Duck Tour and experience this family-run business for yourself!

The Path and Scenery of an Army Duck

Make a splash in both the Wisconsin River and Lake Delton aboard your Dells Army Duck Ride. Explore the natural history of Wisconsin Dells and see rock formations like no other. The beautiful sandstone cliffs, some over 100 feet high, date back to the last ice age over 15,000 years ago! On land, see indigenous plants, some specific to the area like the Fragrant fern. When the Duck cruises across Lake Delton, kids can have the opportunity to drive the amphibious vehicle! If you’re in to nature, landscape, water, lakes, rivers, cliffs, and gorges, then you should book your Duck Tour today! 

The Best Seats To Sit In On Your Dells Army Duck Ride!

Everyone wants to know the best seat to sit in when they hop aboard their Duck tour. Although every seat within a Dells Army Duck provides equal fun and excitement, there are a few seats that give you a different kind of experience. When you sit in the back few rows of your duck, you’re more than likely going to get a small splash on you upon entering and exiting the water! Although you won’t get completely soaked, you’ll feel very refreshed from the mist. The seats in the front and middle of the Duck are easier for spotting scenery along the river. Which do you prefer?

A travel tip would be to keep your items on your lap or your seat, as water may lightly flow among the floor of the boat. Each tour is different as far as how wet you might get and which part of the boat will experience a splash.

In summary, every seat is the best seat to sit in on a Dells Army Duck. Book your tour today and find out for yourself. 

History of DUKW Vehicles in the Dells

Right after WWII, a Milwaukee gentleman named Melvin H. Flath read about an auction out in California where they were auctioning off a surplus of trucks. He went out there, and to his surprise found the trucks to be amphibious vehicles and nothing that he had imagined. These vehicles were used during WWII to help transport goods and troops over land and water. After some thought, Melvin bought what is now popularly known as a DUKW vehicle, or DUCK!

He rode his DUCK back to Milwaukee and was at first made fun of for his bulky purchase. He installed some used Milwaukee bus seats in his DUCK and on Sundays, would take his family in Pewaukee Lake. He charged others 50 cents to ride in his DUCK as he’d splash in the water! At one point, someone mentioned to Melvin that he should take his DUCK to Wisconsin Dells, where everyday is Sunday!

He did the following week and in 1946, began giving one and a half hour tours of the Dells. Over 70 years later, the DUCK tours continue to impress visitors to Wisconsin Dells with their rich history, nature scenery, and a splashing good time!

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