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Where Can I Buy my WildThing Jet Boat Tickets?

Wild thing Jet Boat Tours are an exhilarating experience for the whole family. Surprise your spouse, kids, siblings, best friend, parents, coworkers, boss… (you get the idea) with tickets for a Jet Boat Ride! These tickets are valid until used. That means if something comes up or the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can reschedule for another day or transfer your tickets to someone else. There are a few ways to purchase your tickets, here are your options:

-Online at:

-Give us a call at: (608) 254-6080

-Stop in to purchase your tickets at our headquarters at 1550 Wisconsin Dells Parkway in Wisconsin Dells!

Spotlight On: Duck Driver Carly Pfeifer

Get to know your Duck Drivers! This week, we’d like to highlight Carly Pfeifer! This will be her second summer as a driver here at Dells Army Ducks. We asked Carly what she enjoys about her job and she exclaimed, “My favorite part about driving the Ducks is probably how well all the drivers get along. Working at the Ducks is like having another family. I didn’t think that I could get so close with people in only 3 months, but I did and I’m so happy that I got a job here. I also like being able to say that I’m a Duck Driver. A lot of people think its so cool when I explain my summer job to them and they’re impressed that I can drive such a huge vehicle so well.”

Carly is from Wisconsin Dells and enjoys being able to meet new people every day in the summertime. If you ride a Duck this summer, you might be lucky enough to be on her Tour!

If you’re interested in working with Dells Army Ducks, please visit:

Do you know about our Early Duck Discount?

If you’re a fan of saving, then you’ll love what you’re about to hear. Make a phone reservation before 10am and you’ll get 25% off your order! You heard that correctly! Enjoy your Dells Army Duck ride at a 25% discount if you make your phone reservation before 10am. Call us at (608) 254-6080 for details!

71 Years and Counting!

This summer marks the 71st season that the Ducks have been giving their famous land and water boat tours in Wisconsin Dells. Dells Army Ducks prides itself in offering the same quality tour that was given back in 1946 by Melvin Flath. There’s no doubt that Dells Army Ducks will continue to flourish in Wisconsin Dells. Each year, friends and families travel from all around the country to ride one of the amphibious vehicles and learn about the natural history of the Dells.

For the full history of the DUKW Vehicles and how they landed in the dells, click here !

Spotlight on: Tom Sawyer’s Summer Paint Job

Each year, Dells Army Ducks ensures the quality and safety of their boats by performing maintenance procedures and restorations. This past season was no different. Built in 1946 in Pontiac, Michigan, the Tom Sawyer has been a Dells Army Duck in the Field Family since the early 1970’s. The original color of the vehicle was olive drab, which represents the color used by the U.S. Army in the 1940’s. This past winter season, it has been restored and repainted for future tours. On your next Dells Army Duck Tour, you may be lucky enough to ride aboard the Tom Sawyer.

Half Land, Half Water, All Adventure!

The best boat tour in Wisconsin Dells is aboard a Dells Army Duck! This ride is an adventure of a lifetime and takes place on an amphibious vehicle! Learn about the history of Wisconsin Dells as you travel on both land and water during this unique tour.

1/2 Land

Gaze among natural scenery unique to the Dells. Cruise between sandstone cliffs and see indigenous plants to the area, including the Fragrant Fern. Most tours enjoy a bonus of seeing live animals such as deer, fox, or even an actual duck!

1/2 Water

As you’re traveling across Lake Delton or down the Wisconsin River, see breathtaking rock formations, such as the Sugar Bowl, Grotto Island, and hear about the lost city of Newport. There is so much to learn and explore on a Dells Army Duck Tour.

All Adventure

“Water” you waiting for? Book your Dells Army Duck Tour and experience the adventure Today!

WildThing Jet Boats are faster than these things…

We all know that a WildThing Jet Boat is fast, but how fast? To put things into perspective, let’s just say the 1,200 H.P. boat ride is faster than….

•Any other tour boat in the Dells.

•Your swatting hand when you find a June bug on your arm.

•A duck racing towards you when it sees you have bread.

•A go-kart ride.

•A speeding bullet (just kidding!)

•You can get your tickets for an adventure to remember in the Dells!


A WildThing Jet Boat Ride is great for all ages. Make your reservations today!

Put a Duck Ride in the Easter Basket

This Easter, give your kids the gift of a ride on a Dells Army Duck! These exciting tours take place in the heart of Wisconsin Dells on an amphibious boat that can travel on both land and water! Experience a guided tour through the natural land formations within the Dells that were created at the end of the last glacial period. The best part is splashing into the Lower Wisconsin Dells and Lake Delton. Part of Easter is about being together as a family, so let us help you create a family memory this spring and get your Dells Army Duck tickets today!

Who do you go on your Duck ride with?

When booking your Dells Army Duck tour, you might have a few questions. Is this a tour for families? Would a school or church group have fun on a tour? The answer to both of those questions is YES! The Army Ducks are a family-friendly boat tour for all ages. Learn about the history of the Dells area as well as enjoy some unique scenery of the lower Wisconsin River and Lake Delton. This tour takes place on both land and water and can be enjoyed by both children and adults a like. Get your tickets today!

Spotlight on: Duck Driver Zach Olsen

This weeks blog is a spotlight on our very own Duck Driver, Zach Olsen. Zach has been working as a driver and tour guide since the Fall season of 2015, and has been with the company since 2013. His main focus is engineering tech, which consists of IT, networking, and electrical work. Zach is originally from Stevens Point, Wisconsin and gained interest of the Ducks at a young age. Zach’s older brother used be a driver for the Ducks, and as a kid, Zach would ride along on his older brother’s Duck Tours. Zach is an avid fan of all different vehicles, so being able to drive a 1940’s Dells Army Duck for work is an awesome experience for him. You might have Zach as a driver the next time you visit Dells Army Ducks. Plan your Duck tour today!

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