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These Ducks Leave No Footprint

Although Dells Army Ducks are monstrous amphibious vehicles, they leave little to no impact on the natural landscape of the earth and the path in which they travel. Each tour follows a specific path, designed to preserve the earth from any harm. While the vehicles are on land, roads and paths are taken, as to make sure plants are not destroyed. In water, Ducks cruise along a guided trail to make sure no wildlife or animal life is harmed.

The Duck vehicles and duck birds are similar in that they both leave little to no footprint while on land and water. Be sure to get your tickets today for a land & water Duck ride in Wisconsin Dells!

71 Years and Counting!

This summer marks the 71st season that the Ducks have been giving their famous land and water boat tours in Wisconsin Dells. Dells Army Ducks prides itself in offering the same quality tour that was given back in 1946 by Melvin Flath. There’s no doubt that Dells Army Ducks will continue to flourish in Wisconsin Dells. Each year, friends and families travel from all around the country to ride one of the amphibious vehicles and learn about the natural history of the Dells.

For the full history of the DUKW Vehicles and how they landed in the dells, click here !

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