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The Best Seats To Sit In On Your Dells Army Duck Ride!

Everyone wants to know the best seat to sit in when they hop aboard their Duck tour. Although every seat within a Dells Army Duck provides equal fun and excitement, there are a few seats that give you a different kind of experience. When you sit in the back few rows of your duck, you’re more than likely going to get a small splash on you upon entering and exiting the water! Although you won’t get completely soaked, you’ll feel very refreshed from the mist. The seats in the front and middle of the Duck are easier for spotting scenery along the river. Which do you prefer?

A travel tip would be to keep your items on your lap or your seat, as water may lightly flow among the floor of the boat. Each tour is different as far as how wet you might get and which part of the boat will experience a splash.

In summary, every seat is the best seat to sit in on a Dells Army Duck. Book your tour today and find out for yourself. 

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