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Spotlight On: Duck Driver Carly Pfeifer

Get to know your Duck Drivers! This week, we’d like to highlight Carly Pfeifer! This will be her second summer as a driver here at Dells Army Ducks. We asked Carly what she enjoys about her job and she exclaimed, “My favorite part about driving the Ducks is probably how well all the drivers get along. Working at the Ducks is like having another family. I didn’t think that I could get so close with people in only 3 months, but I did and I’m so happy that I got a job here. I also like being able to say that I’m a Duck Driver. A lot of people think its so cool when I explain my summer job to them and they’re impressed that I can drive such a huge vehicle so well.”

Carly is from Wisconsin Dells and enjoys being able to meet new people every day in the summertime. If you ride a Duck this summer, you might be lucky enough to be on her Tour!

If you’re interested in working with Dells Army Ducks, please visit:

Spotlight on: Duck Driver Zach Olsen

This weeks blog is a spotlight on our very own Duck Driver, Zach Olsen. Zach has been working as a driver and tour guide since the Fall season of 2015, and has been with the company since 2013. His main focus is engineering tech, which consists of IT, networking, and electrical work. Zach is originally from Stevens Point, Wisconsin and gained interest of the Ducks at a young age. Zach’s older brother used be a driver for the Ducks, and as a kid, Zach would ride along on his older brother’s Duck Tours. Zach is an avid fan of all different vehicles, so being able to drive a 1940’s Dells Army Duck for work is an awesome experience for him. You might have Zach as a driver the next time you visit Dells Army Ducks. Plan your Duck tour today!

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