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Do you know about our Early Duck Discount?

If you’re a fan of saving, then you’ll love what you’re about to hear. Make a phone reservation before 10am and you’ll get 25% off your order! You heard that correctly! Enjoy your Dells Army Duck ride at a 25% discount if you make your phone reservation before 10am. Call us at (608) 254-6080 for details!

71 Years and Counting!

This summer marks the 71st season that the Ducks have been giving their famous land and water boat tours in Wisconsin Dells. Dells Army Ducks prides itself in offering the same quality tour that was given back in 1946 by Melvin Flath. There’s no doubt that Dells Army Ducks will continue to flourish in Wisconsin Dells. Each year, friends and families travel from all around the country to ride one of the amphibious vehicles and learn about the natural history of the Dells.

For the full history of the DUKW Vehicles and how they landed in the dells, click here !

Spotlight on: Tom Sawyer’s Summer Paint Job

Each year, Dells Army Ducks ensures the quality and safety of their boats by performing maintenance procedures and restorations. This past season was no different. Built in 1946 in Pontiac, Michigan, the Tom Sawyer has been a Dells Army Duck in the Field Family since the early 1970’s. The original color of the vehicle was olive drab, which represents the color used by the U.S. Army in the 1940’s. This past winter season, it has been restored and repainted for future tours. On your next Dells Army Duck Tour, you may be lucky enough to ride aboard the Tom Sawyer.

What does 1,200 Horsepower Feel Like?

Get ready to experience a boat ride at full throttle. The WildThing Jet Boats are the perfect thrill for both kids and adults! This tour takes you on the Upper Wisconsin River, and cruises past famous landmarks such as Witches Gulch and Glacier Park on the Wisconsin River. To answer the question in the title, What does 1,200 horsepower feel like? It feels exhilarating and refreshing. The hot summer sun on your face with the mist of the river cooling you off is an experience like no other. With 360 degree spins and power stops, our captains make sure everyone has a safe and fun experience. You’ll have to try this fun and exciting 1-hour tour for yourself. Book yours today!

360 degrees of Spin on a WildThing Jet Boat Tour!

Wisconsin Dells’ most popular Jet Boat Tour is all about fun! Gather your friends and hang on as you experience a WildThing Jet Boat Ride! Be prepared to get soaked and cool off in the hot summer sun. This 1,200 horsepower jet boat will take you beneath the towering cliffs of the Upper Wisconsin River, passing the famous Sunset Cliff & Witches Gulch. My favorite part of the tour is when the boat suddenly comes to an abrupt stop, causing it to spin 360 degrees and a big wave to come overboard, cooling off everyone!

Besides getting splashed, you’ll learn about the past history on the Dells and the rock formations along the Wisconsin River. With all of the excitement and fun to be had on a WildThing Jet Boat ride, be sure to give it a spin this summer on your next visit to Wisconsin Dells.

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