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Water Adventure at Its Best!

One of the most adventurous boat rides in the Dells offers great family-fun for children and adults of any age. Make your plans today to take a WildThing Jet Boat Ride on your next Dells getaway! Experience the fastest river cruise in the Dells as you soar up and down the Wisconsin River. There are many ways to experience water in the Dells, but we believe a WildThing Jet Boat Ride is the best! With 360 degree spins, sudden power stops, and that feeling of cooling off on a hot day, we suggest getting your tickets today for a WildThing Jet Boat Tour. Tickets are valid and don’t expire until they are used!

The WildThing Experience

Are you ready for the wildest boat tour of your life? Be prepared to hang on tight as you cruise up and down the Wisconsin River on a WildThing Jet Boat Tour. This tour is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. This boat features a shallow bottom and cruises at high speeds along an 11-mile stretch of the Wisconsin River. Get excited when you get a few splashes of the river on you along the way! This is what we call “Liquid Sunshine”. To experience the wildest tour of your life, make you reservation for a WildThing Jet Boat Tour today. Tickets are good until they expire!

Why You Should Take This Jet Boat Tour

It’s summertime and the hot summer sun is pounding down on Wisconsin Dells. As you’re looking for an activity to do, all you can think about is cooling off. One great activity to try this summer is a WildThing Jet Boat Ride. Experience cool mists and refreshing splashes as you cruise up and down the Wisconsin River. Here’s why you should take a WildThing Jet Boat Tour on your next visit to Wisconsin Dells:

The sandstone cliffs of the Dells offer breathtaking views unique to this part of the state. Learn about the history of Wisconsin Dells while enjoying a nice ride on the Wisconsin River. Also, WildThing Jet Boats are a great activity for the whole family. Both kids and adults will enjoy the thrill of hanging on to their seats as the shallow-bottom boat moves at high speeds along the Wisconsin River. Experience with power stops and 360 degree spins and the ride of your life! Plan your tour today!

WildThing Jet Boats is 5 Stars on TripAdvisor for a Reason!

If you’ve ever been on a WildThing Jet Boat Tour, you understand why we’re 5 stars on TripAdvisor. Between the thrill of cruising down the river and feeling a splash of river water on a hot summer day, it just feels right to be in a jet boat.

The informative and entertaining tour is for all ages and you’re sure to have a blast getting soaked! If you’re a fan of speed, plan yourself a time to take a WildThing Jet Boat Ride and see for yourself why we’re rated 5 stars on TripAdvisor!

Bring your Group on a WildThing Jet Boat Tour!

Whether you’re in charge of a school function, youth group, or even want to plan a fun afternoon out of the office, WildThing Jet Boats are an experience for all ages. Cruising up the river at top speeds on this shallow boat definitely beats sitting inside behind a desk. With power stops and 360 degree spins, you’re whole group will enjoy cooling off with a big splash in the hot summer sun!

Not only will your group appreciate this exciting adventure of the Upper Dells, but they’ll create memories that will last forever. For more information on groups of 10 or more, please visit:

What 360 Degree Spins Feel Like…

Take a ride on the wild side with the most thrilling boat tour in the Dells! WildThing Jet Boats provide a close up experience of the Upper Wisconsin River and the sandstone rock formations that surround it. But what makes this tour unique is that it is fast! Really fast! With a 1,200 Horsepower motor, there’s no limit as to what this Dells jet boat can do!

As you’re traveling down river at high speeds and the captain slams on the breaks, brace yourself for a power stop followed by a 360 degree spin! What does this feel like? Imagine that moment at the top of a roller coaster just as you’re about to ride down the steep hill! Your heart races and you don’t know what’s coming next. All of a sudden it hits you. Just like a tilt-o-whirl at the fairgrounds. A giant wave splashes up into the boat. On the hot summer day, it feels so refreshing! You’re surrounded by your family and friends who also feel the fun! This is by far the most thrill you’ve had all summer!

To experience this rush as well, make your plans to hop aboard a WildThing Jet Boat on your next vacation to Wisconsin Dells.

WildThing Jet Boats are faster than these things…

We all know that a WildThing Jet Boat is fast, but how fast? To put things into perspective, let’s just say the 1,200 H.P. boat ride is faster than….

•Any other tour boat in the Dells.

•Your swatting hand when you find a June bug on your arm.

•A duck racing towards you when it sees you have bread.

•A go-kart ride.

•A speeding bullet (just kidding!)

•You can get your tickets for an adventure to remember in the Dells!


A WildThing Jet Boat Ride is great for all ages. Make your reservations today!

All Aboard! What is an Original WildThing Jet Boat?

Hang on and prepare for for an exciting thrill ride this summer when you step aboard a WildThing Jet Boat Tour! Experience power stops, 360 degree spins, and a whole lot of water as you cruise along the upper Wisconsin River. Learn about the history of the Dells on this 11-mile journey. See famous Dells landscapes such as High Rock, Sunset Cliff, Devil’s Elbow, and Witches Gulch. This tour is for the whole family and departs daily, Memorial Day thru Labor Day. The forecast this summer at the Original WildThing Jet Boats is 100% fun mixed with a chance of “liquid sunshine.”

For more info, please give us a call at: (608) 254-6080

Spotlight On Our Sister Attractions

Did you know that Dells Army Ducks is just one attraction available within the Dells Ducks Company? There are 3 other great adventures to explore, all of which are family-owned and provide fun for the whole family. Take a look below! 

bigfoot-gallery-2Bigfoot Zipline Tours are open year-round and feature 7 exhilarating towers! You’ll learn tricks and enjoy the great Wisconsin scenery as you pass over trees and Sasquatch Lake. The last 2 towers in the course are racing towers, where you pick a partner and race side-by-side to see who finishes first! The first of the racing zip lines is the courses longest line at 1,397 ft, which is just over 1/4 mile! Zipzilla, the last tower in the course is the highest, and it takes you right back to the start!

wildthing-5WildThing Jet Boats (also known as Captain Ron’s Original Jet Boats) are 1,200 horsepower boats equipped with three V8 engines with a shallow bottom that travel at high speeds and create the ultimate thrill. WildThing Jet Boats are an activity for the whole family. Experience quick power stops, 360 degree spins, and be prepared to get soaked! Learn about the natural history of Wisconsin Dells as you pass by high cliffs on the Upper Wisconsin River. WildThing Jet Boats run from Memorial Day through Mid-October, weather permitting. 

pt109-5P.T. 109 Boat Patrol is an expedition among the Upper Wisconsin River which takes you through glacial rock formations on an entertaining 45 minute boat tour. Learn about the history of how the Dells were formed during the last ice age. The boat can also be rented as a venue for special events and private parties.

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