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The Wisconsin River

Did you know that the Wisconsin River was used for logging back in the 1800’s to transport logs between sawmills? This river, which features tours such as WildThing Jet Boats and Dells Army Ducks has a deep history along the 430 miles between the Northeast Wisconsin/Michigan Border down to where it meets the Mississippi River.

The sandstone cliffs located along the river in the Dells area were formed during the last ice age and have been bringing visitors to the area to see their natural beauty.

Experience an amazing boat tour on the Wisconsin River when you get your tickets today for a WildThing Jet Boat or Dells Army Duck Tour on your next visit to Wisconsin Dells!

Memories Begin Here
  • Army Ducks
  • Wildthing
  • Boat Patrol
  • Bigfoot Ziplines
  • Big Foot Ropes Course