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Dells Army Ducks

Take a guided tour of the Lower Dells Glacial Park aboard a World War II-era Army Duck! Discover sandstone rock formations that are over 14,000 years old such as Grotto Island, the Twin Ink Stands, Sugar Bowl Island, and the Wedding Bell. Cruise through beautiful Lake Delton and use the Duck’s six-wheel drive capabilities to traverse Dell Creek. Our one-hour, land-and-water excursion has been the most unique way to experience the Dells for over 70 years.

The Dells were created toward the end of the last glacial period from the flood waters of the Wisconsin River ripping through the Dells’ soft sandstone. The raging river managed to carve gorges and caves, rocky islands and towering cliffs, which would come to be admired for centuries.

During the summer months, Dells Army Ducks depart every 15-20 minutes daily for a one-hour boat tour. All tours are guided through Lake Delton and Dells Glacial Park exposing you up close to one-of-a-kind rock formations. Visit our Photo Gallery to see historic photos and tour images. It’s fun, entertaining and a must-do when visiting Wisconsin Dells!

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