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WildThing Jet Boats are Perfect for Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties!

Plan your vacation around celebrating the “big day” and bring your party aboard a WildThing Jet Boat! These boats cruise at ultra high-speeds and are a fun activity you’re whole crew will enjoy! On this 11-mile journey up and down the Wisconsin River, you’ll experience the thrill of power stops and 360 degree spins! Waves […]

Army Duck Tour What

Amphibious Creatures Like Us!

For being covered in camouflage, Dells Army Ducks stand out like nothing else when you see them traveling down Wisconsin Dells Parkway. Not many cities feature amphibious vehicles riding up and down their road and then plunging into nearby lakes and rivers. An amphibian is described as something relating to, living in, or suited for […]

What If The Weather Doesn’t Cooperate?

You’ve planned your Wisconsin Dells Vacation and purchased your tickets for a Dells Army Duck Tour, WildThing Jet Boat ride, or Bigfoot Zipline Tour. All is good until you check the weather report. BAM! It starts to rain. Lucky for you, that’s no problem at all! However, if you’re not a fan of rain, your […]

Our Drivers Are The Best!

Dells Army Duck Drivers have some of the best experience out there. Most of our employees are Wisconsin Dells area locals who have extensive knowledge of the area and are able to answer any question that you may have. The number one priority of each Driver is for the passenger to have a safe and […]

What To Wear On Your WildThing Jet Boat Tour!

YOU WILL GET SOAKED so dress accordingly! When the weather is cooler during May-September, we recommend dressing in layers with clothes that will dry easily. In the summer months, most passengers wear swimsuits, shorts, tee-shirts, and sports sandals. We don’t recommend jeans or leather footwear. Wear what you feel you’d be most comfortable in! With […]

What To Wear On Your Dells Army Duck Tour?!

Not all boat rides require a swimsuit and sandals! Being an amphibious vehicle, Dells Army Ducks travel from land to water and back. The transition makes a splash, but not always a big one. So how are you supposed to dress for this adventurous tour? We can start by saying you’re not going to get […]

Spinning is our Favorite Activity!

Spinning is our favorite activity and we’re not talking about morning cycling! For those of you who have no idea what we’re talking about, then you need to hop aboard a WildThing Jet Boat Tour. Experience 360 degrees spins while cruising up and down the Wisconsin River! This shallow-bottomed boat glides along the river and […]

These Ducks Leave No Footprint

Although Dells Army Ducks are monstrous amphibious vehicles, they leave little to no impact on the natural landscape of the earth and the path in which they travel. Each tour follows a specific path, designed to preserve the earth from any harm. While the vehicles are on land, roads and paths are taken, as to […]

Ride the Waves at WildThing Jet Boats

Spin around on a wild adventure when you hope aboard a WildThing Jet Boat Tour! This boat create its own waves on the 11-mile trip up and down the Wisconsin River. Bring your family or friends and prepare to get soaked during your river cruise. See the natural sights along the Wisconsin River that have […]

A Blast From the Past!

The amphibious DUKW vehicles known as Ducks were first brought to Wisconsin Dells in 1946 when the original founder of the Duck ride tour, Melvin Flath began giving tours of the scenic Wisconsin Dells Landscape. Soon after, word of his tours spread throughout the area and his original 1 1/2 hour Land & Water Tour became […]

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